Gaziantep Cuisine

I realized that there were lots of “Turkish” travel guides when preparing gaziantep food and drink guide. Yeah, that’s a good thing. But unfortunately the source of English is very limited in terms of Gaziantep Cuisine. A limited number of guides were prepared by the tourists who came to my country. For this reason, I decided to publish the English version of the guide that I prepared for Gaziantep Cuisine on my site. I hope I can share useful information with you. Please write to me your experiences.

In 2016, it was included in the network of “Creative Cities” in Gastronomy by Gaziantep Unesco. Absolutely not surprising and a decision on the spot. To announce the Gaziantep food that we have fallen to as many people as possible, to introduce and to taste.

The Gaziantep region has a variety and diversity of dishes, which are unique to itself. I went 2 times to this beautiful city but every time I was very short time. Every time I went I tried to try a different flavor. I experienced a situation like this; I want to eat constantly but I absolutely do not want to be. Gaziantep will be renovated, love, taste will remain in our taste is very delicious.

I have told you in this article which local flavor you can eat. Let’s see what flavors of this city I enjoyed this wonderful taste:

Metanet Lokantası

It’s a kind of meat soup. beef or lamb can be made. Boiled meat, rice, tomato paste, red pepper and butter are added. You can also use garlic sauce if you want.

Drinking at breakfast is a magnificent tradition of Gaziantep. It is impossible to start with the soup and believe that the rest of the day will pass badly. You are full of energy and health.

The most correct address for Beyran is Metanet Restaurant. The restaurant starts at 5 in the morning. The sooner you go, the better, of course.

Address: Adres: Kozluca Mahallesi, Kozluca Caddesi No: 11 | Eski Bugday Pazari civari, Gaziantep, Türkiye

Katmerci Zekeriya Usta

Katmer is a hot-consumed dough job. Pistachio, cream and sugar are added to the dough and baked in the oven.

Katmer is a tasteless antep flavor. It is a magnificent Antep tradition to have hot milk to eat beside katmer for breakfast. It is not always possible to find a flavor that is so special, your taste will be on your beard.

We ordered a pair of twins and it was enough for us. I want to open a parenthesis here. In Antep, both the baklava and the layer used in the material is very good quality, even a bite to satisfy you savor taste. If you go to Gaziantep for gastronomic tourism, you will taste a little from every taste,

Address: Çukur Mh. Körükcü Sok. B Hilmi Geçidi No: 16/C-D, Şahinbey 27000, Türkiye

Orkide Pastanesi

Orkide Pastanesi is the right place if you prefer a sprinkled breakfast that is equipped with Gaziantep regional breakfast delicacies. It is not an authentic place like Metanet Lokantasi and Zekeriya Usta. But it is ideal for a nice long weekend with breakfast. I am in love with Antep Green Olive Roaster. Why are you deprived of this flavor.

Address: Gazi Muhtar Paşa Bulvarı No: 17, Gaziantep 27080, Türkiye

Koçak Baklava

Baklava, one of the most beautiful and traditional desserts to eat in Turkey. Yufka (dough) is made with pistachios and syrup. Just remember to taste this once in a lifetime.

In Gaziantep you will eat the most delicious baklava. But the best baklava for me is making Koçak Baklava. With a single slice of baklava you are going to have a very different flavor. Go to Gaziantep and enjoy delicious baklava varieties.

Address: Ali Fuat Cebesoy Bulv. S. M. Engin Ozdinc Sok. No:3 Sehitkamil, Gaziantep, Türkiye

Küşlemeci Halil Usta

“Küşleme” is a kind of kebab unique to Gaziantep. It is a kind of kebab made of very soft and tasty meat.
It will not be possible to go back to Gaziantep without eating “küşleme”.

Halil Usta also cooks in “küsleme” full consistency and serves as kebab. You can also order “küşleme” with bagel and baguette as you can order. “küşleme” is fine .. But the antep-like pomegranate salad legend that comes next to you.

Address: Mithat pasa Mah.Öcükoğlu Sokak No: 6, Gaziantep, Türkiye


If you want to taste all kinds of Gaziantep food in a historical environment, let’s take it to Bayazhan. authentic, delightful place in this old inn. We chose to have dinner.

It is always preferable for groups and for special meals.

There are many kinds of food. I can not count one by one. But the lahmacun is very tasty. And of course the nesting soup.

Address: Akyol Mahallesi No 119 /1 Şahinbey, Gaziantep 27010, Türkiye

Tahmis Kahvesi

Gaziantep is an ideal place to take a short respite on your trip and give a short coffee break. You are traveling in time on the historic floor. Menengiç is famous for his coffee. Menengic is a traditional soft coffee variety. The cookies they serve with the chef are also very tasty.

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